6 thing you should know about SF6 Gas Properties

1.Non toxic,Non inflammable SF6 gas is currently the most excellent insulation and arc extinguishing medium, with much better insulation and arc extinguishing performance than insulation oil. Its molecular structure consists of six fluorine atoms at the vertex positions, with a sulfur atom at the center, forming a fully symmetrical covalent bond structure known as a … Read more

why we need on-site SF6 regeneration service

3.3.1 Take SF6Relations’s on-site SF6 recovery and regeneration service. When a customer requests SF6 regeneration service, SF6Relations will dispatch a mobile SF6 gas recovery processing station (i.e., a vehicle-mounted SF6 recovery and regeneration device equipped with SF6 dew point meter, chromatograph, SF6 decomposition product analyzer,SF6 gas leak detector, vacuum pump, and other related detection instruments … Read more

China’s SF6 gas management and SF6 standard

3.1 Part of regulations, laws and standards regarding SF6 in China (1) GB 13690 “Classification and Labeling of Commonly Used Hazardous Chemicals” classifies SF6 as “A2.2 non-combustible gas (including combustion-supporting gas)” in the category of “A2 compressed gas and liquefied gas”. (2) The State Council Order of the People’s Republic of China “Regulations on the … Read more

SF6 Emissions in Electric Power Systems

International Consensus On SF6 Gas and Treatment Measures 2.1 International Consensus on Sf6 Gas SF6 gas has the highest weight among various gases in the global greenhouse effect. How to reduce SF6 emissions is in use is essential.The 1997 “Kyoto Protocol” has clarified that SF6 is one of the six greenhouse gases currently discovered.The “Bali … Read more

What is SF6 Gas ? Is sf6 Gas harmful to humans ?

SF6 Molecular Structure after Partial Discharge

ChapterⅠ – Introduction and Application of SF6 Gas SF6 (SF6) is made by the reaction of sulfur and fluorine at high temperatures (i.e., S+3F2→SF6). It is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas at room temperature and pressure. The non-combustion thermal conductivity of SF6 is smaller than air, making it an excellent cooling medium. Its unique and stable … Read more

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