RS301EX Online Hydrogen Quality Analyzer

RS301EX Online Hydrogen Quality Analyzer

RS301EX Hydrogen Quality Online Analyzer

RS301EX hydrogen quality analyzer adopts imported high-precision transmitters to monitor the comprehensive quality of hydrogen during the operation of the hydrogen cooling system of the generator set. It integrates monitoring of hydrogen humidity, purity, and oxygen content, realizes online monitoring, and has alarm output function and analog signal (4-20) mA and 485 remote transmission function.

ProjectPurityHumidity (TD)Oxygen (O2)Hydrogen Residual
PrincipleMicrothermal ConductivityCapacitiveElectrochemicalCatalytic Combustion
Measurement RangeH2/Air (90-100)%(-60~+20)℃(0-25)% VOL(0-4)% VOL
Maximum Allowable Error±2% F.S.±2°C±1% F.S.±5% F.S.
Explosion-proof LevelEx dⅡB + H2 T5 GbEx dⅡC T6 Gb
RS301EX Hydrogen Quality Online Analyzer

Other features:

  • Adopting an integrated explosion-proof design
  • Adopting explosion-proof processing buttons
  • Standard oil filtration device to prevent oil contamination in the sensing unit
  • Online dual hydrogen purity monitoring with pressure, improving data reliability
  • Explosion proof units can be installed independently or equipped with sampling racks
  • Hydrogen purity and humidity measured with pressure, resulting in hydrogen waste due to less emptying measurement