SF6 Room Monitor

For continuously monitor SF6 gas leakage and oxygen levels in the room

NA1013 SF6 room monitor is used to continuously detect and monitor the concentration of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas leakage in a specific area, such as a substation or switchgear room. The monitor typically consists of a sensor module and a control unit.

Sensor model : NA1013

The sensor module is installed in the room and measures the concentration of SF6 gas using infrared absorption spectroscopy. Infrared light is passed through a sample cell containing the gas, and the degree of absorption is measured. The amount of absorption is directly proportional to the concentration of SF6 gas in the sample cell. The sensor module is designed to be highly sensitive and can detect very low levels of SF6 gas.

Control Unit model : NA1000MR

The control unit is typically located outside the room and is connected to the sensor module through a cable. It receives data from the sensor module and provides the user with a visual and audible alarm when the SF6 gas concentration exceeds a preset threshold. The alarm can be set to different levels to indicate different levels of gas concentration.

SF6 Room Monitor sensor
SF6 Room Monitor host
Control Panels Parameter
Display screen TFT256/color
Transmission interface RS485 bus
Transmission distance ≤1000 m
Connection method RVVP 4×0.75 mm2 Shielded cable bus
Input quantity 1~64 channel intelligent transmitter
Working voltage (85~265)VAC、50/60Hz
Ambient temperature (-30~60) ℃
Ambient humidity 0~95 %RH(no condensation)
Install method Wall-mounted
Dimension 440 mmⅹ330 mmⅹ140 mm (LⅹWⅹH)
Weight Approximately 10 kg
Sensor Parameter
Target Gas Sulfur hexafluoride(SF6)、Oxygen(O2)
Working Principle SF6: NDIR
O2: Electrochemistry
Measuring range SF6 : 0 – 1500ppm
O2 : 0 – 25 % VOL
Resolution SF6 : 1ppm
O2 : 0.1%vol
Accuracy SF6:±2%FS
Sampling method Diffusion
Ambient temperature 0 ℃~+40 ℃
Ambient humidity <90 %(no condensation)
Temperature Measurement -40 ~ 100 ℃
Humidity measurement 0 ~ 99 %RH
Communication RS485(MODBUS) signal output
Connection: RVVP 4×0.75 mm2 Shielded cable bus
Distance:Max 1000m
(4~20)mA output (4~20) mA output is optional, the maximum load is 1000 Ω
Power supply 24 VDC±15 %
Dimensions 174 mm×110 mm×66 mm (L×W×H)
Weight Approximately 0.6 kg
Other features:
  • Self-produced infrared sensor performance stable 10 years life
  • zigbee wireless connection optional
  • Maximum Support 64 sensors for 1 host