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SF6 is prepared by the reaction of sulfur and fluorine at a high temperature (S+3F2→SF6). Sulfur hexafluoride is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic gas at room temperature and pressure. Non-combustion thermal conductivity is smaller than air, for an excellent cooling medium. Its unique stable regular octahedral molecular structure, so that its chemical properties are also very inactive, in the normal operation of electrical equipment, and copper, steel and aluminum and other electrical materials can not react. No corrosion, no active pharmacologic properties, no poison. Slightly soluble in water. Is widely used in the electrical industry.

What SF6 Does

Good electrical insulation and arc suppression performance.

Because of its electronegativity, arc extinguishing capacity is about 100 times of air, especially suitable for high voltage, high current equipment on-off process.

SF6 gas hazards

1.SF6 gas is Greenhouse gas. It can remain stable in the atmosphere for 3200 years without decomposition, and its greenhouse effect is 23900 times that of the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide.Greenhouse gases have far-ranging environmental and health effects.

2.SF6 gas in electrical equipment in the action of high temperature arc produced by some toxic products.

How to use gas safely

1.The gas used in the equipment should be checked regularly for leakage and gas quality

2.When the equipment needs to be repaired or the gas is not qualified, use the recovery equipment to recover the unqualified gas to the cylinder. Refilling the new SF6 gas(99.999%) to the equipment.

How to deal with contaminated SF6 gas

1. Store in cylinders or safety tanks

2. High temperature incineration treatment

3.Re-use the contaminated SF6 gas after processing with the regeneration equipment.

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