RF051 MID Series SF6 Gas Recovery

RF051 MID Series SF6 Gas Recovery

For 10-120KG SF6 Gas Recovery and Filter

RF051 MID Series SF6 Gas Recovery design for gas-insulated equipment with a gas volume of 10-120KG.

The RF051 is equipped with our independently developed oil-free compressor, along with an oil-free vacuum compressor, allowing for the recovery of SF6 gas from gas insulated switchgear chambers down to 133 Pa. This enables the chambers to be safely opened and exposed to air for maintenance. After maintenance is completed, the unit’s standard high-speed vacuum pump can evacuate the air, meeting the maintenance requirements of gas insulated switchgear.

Other features:

  • Oil-less compressor and vacuum compressor
  • Recovery SF6 Gas down to 1 mbar
  • Independent vacuum port, recovery and vacuum can start at the same time.
  • 70L built-in storage tank with Weighing function
  • Built-in filter for SF6 dehydrate and impurity removal
  • Touch screen one-click operation
  • SF6 Gas Cooling system optional
Standard Equipment
Oil-free compressor for recovery of SF6 gas: 15 m³/h
Oil-free vacuum compressor for recovery of SF6 gas: 7.2 m³/h, final vacuum < 30 pa
Vacuum pump for evacuation of air: 64 m³/h, final vacuum < 10 pa
Built-in 70L tank
Touch screen
Filter for dehydration and impurity removal of SF6 gas
Regeneration of molecular sieve in filter
Lifting rings
2″ Fixed and 2* universal wheels
Water proof canvas
10m DN20 self-sealing recovery hose
3m DN20 self-sealing filling hose
10m power cable
Paint: Orange
RF051 Compact SF6 recovery
RF051 Compact SF6 gas recovery