Mobile SF6 Vacuum Pump Unit

Mobile SF6 Vacuum Pump Unit

For evacuation of air or nitrogen

RF-S17      17m3/h

RF-S64      64m3/h

RF-S100     100m3/h

RF-S200     200m3/h

RF-S300     300m3/h

RF-CK        505m3/h

The mobile vacuum pump unit serves for evacuation of air or nitrogen from the switchgear. The vacuum pump enables a final vacuum of < 1 mbar. To guarantee that no air/gas mixture is generated and the insulation properties of SF6 are retained.


Other features:

  • Steerable and fixing rollers  easy transportation
  • Self-closing couplings
  • Digital vacuum indication in mbar
  • 16-1000m3/h speed optional
  • 1-3 DN20/DN40/DN80 vacuum ports are optional
  • Tool tray

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