Mobile SF6 Vacuum Pump Unit

Mobile SF6 Vacuum Pump Unit

For evacuation of air or nitrogen

SF6 gas is essential for the safe and efficient operation of SF6-insulated electrical equipment. To maintain the purity of SF6 gas and prevent equipment failure, removing any air or moisture that may have entered the equipment is essential. The SF6 vacuum pump can evacuate any air or moisture from the gas compartment, ensuring the SF6 gas remains pure and free from contaminants.

The mobile SF6 vacuum pump unit serves for evacuation of air or nitrogen from the switchgear. The vacuum pump enables a final vacuum of < 1 mbar. To guarantee that no air/gas mixture is generated and the insulation properties of SF6 are retained.

Model Evacuation speed Final Vacuum
RFS17 17m³/h <1mbar
RFS64 64m³/h <1mbar
RFS100 100m³/h <1mbar
RFS200 200m³/h <1mbar
RFS300 300m³/h <1mbar
RFCK1 251m³/h <0.8pa
RFCK2 505m³/h <0.8pa

Other features:

  • Steerable and fixing rollers  easy transportation
  • Self-closing couplings
  • Digital vacuum indication in mbar
  • 16-1000m3/h speed optional
  • 1-3 DN20/DN40/DN80 vacuum ports are optional
  • Tool tray