RA701 Hydrogen analyzer

RA701 Hydrogen analyzer

RA701 Hydrogen purity analyzer

The RA701 hydrogen comprehensive analyzer is mainly used for measuring the purity, humidity, oxygen content of hydrogen during the normal operation of hydrogen cooled power generation units and hydrogen production station equipment, as well as the carbon dioxide and oxygen content in the gas replacement process.

Purity sensor adopts a high stability and precision thermal conductivity sensor, which accurately and quickly measures the gas purity in the gas according to the different thermal conductivity of the gas. The unique wide range temperature compensation technology ensures the measurement accuracy of the instrument.

Humidity sensor adopts Vaisala’s high-performance dew point transmitter as the humidity measurement unit of the entire instrument

Measurement ItemPurityHumidityOxygen
PrincipleMicrothermal ConductivityCapacitiveElectrochemical
Measurement RangeH2/Air: (0~10)%vol;
Response Time≤15s-60℃~-20℃: 5s(63%), 10s(90%)
-20℃~-60℃: 45s(63%), 10min(90%)
Power SourceAC/DC, built-in lithium battery (6000mAh), >8 hours
Dimensions242mm×282 mm×104 mm
RA601 Hydrogen purity analyzer
RA601 Hydrogen purity analyzer

Other features:

  • Power on zero point self calibration.
  • Sensor drying protection device.
  • CNAS laboratory calibration report optional