RFA Modular SF6 Gas Cart

RFA Modular SF6 Gas Cart

SF6 Gas cart for small gas compartments

The RFA modular SF6 Gas cart consists of 2-6 modules that can be matched as needed.

RFA is designed for gas recovery and treatment in small-scale SF6 gas chambers(0-100kg). It is equipped with one high-speed oil-free compressor as standard, which can operate two compressors in parallel to improve the recovery speed. The vacuum compressor can finish the negative pressure recovery of the gas compartment < 100pa to meet the IEC standard. The refrigeration module improves work speed and increases the processing capacity of sulphur hexafluoride gas.

RFA equipment is small and convenient for transportation and use. Multiple modules can be freely combined, with pipelines connected through quick-connect fittings and a control panel for centralized control.

RFATechnical Data
Compressor4 m³/h for 1 module.Expandable to 2 modules 8m³/h
Vacuum Compressor7.2 m³/h @ Final Vacuum ≤30 pa
Vacuum pump17m³/h Final Vacuum <1mbar
Cooling systemOptional
FilterExternal filter
Power supplyAC380 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz ±10 %
RFA Modular SF6 Handling
RFA Modular mini SF6 gas cart
Other features:
  • Combined structure.Modules can be used independently
  • Quick-plug Self-closing couplings
  • Standard configuration 5m connecting pipe