SF6 Gas Handling and Regeneration base

SF6 Gas Handling and Regeneration base

For Centralized sulfur hexafluoride regeneration and reuse

At the request of the low carbon emissions Sulfur hexafluoride reuse is very be necessary

Even with sufficient 300J sulfur hexafluoride regeneration equipment and 300N field service vehicles

Can’t meet the needs of a large number of sulfur hexafluoride regeneration.

The RF101J is designed to address sulfur hexafluoride regeneration by group power generation companies such as National Grid or local grid companies.

The whole process of sulfur hexafluoride gas recording.Achieve sulfur hexafluoride lifecycle management.

No new SF6 gas needs to be purchased in large quantities.No need to worry about contaminated SF6 storage.

RF101j SF6 gas Regeneration base

Centralized treatment of sulfur hexafluoride will increase work efficiency and reduce equipment costs.

Achieve closed loop management of sulfur hexafluoride gas