PDM200 automotive hydrogen sensor

PDM200 automotive hydrogen sensor

PDM200 Automotive hydrogen sensor

Our PDM200 Automotive hydrogen sensor Hydrogen molecules are adsorbed onto the surface of the titanium alloy film. Under the catalytic action of the film, hydrogen molecules decompose into two hydrogen atoms and diffuse into the interior of the alloy lattice, causing lattice expansion and phase transition, resulting in changes in the conductivity of the alloy film. Based on this characteristic principle, the measurement of hydrogen concentration can be achieved.

Parameter NameParameter Value
Detected GasHydrogen (H₂)
Measurement Range(0~4)% vol; (0~10)% vol
Measurement Error±5% F.S.
Resolution0.01% Vol
Preheating Time<5s
Response Time<10s
Operating Voltage12VDC, 24VDC (optional)
Power Consumption<1W
Signal OutputPWM @250Hz or CAN @250Kbps
Operating Temperature(-40~85)°C
Storage Temperature(-40~105)°C
Pressure Compensation(50~150) kPa
Protection LevelIP67
Explosion-proof LevelEx ic ⅡC T3 Gc
Service Life10 years
Dimensions82.6mm*90.58mm*25.9mm (L*W*H)

Other features:

  • High selectivity in hydrogen measurement
  • Wide measurement range, achieving full range measurement of explosion limit and even pure hydrogen
  • Self detection and self diagnosis functions
  • Long service life, up to 10 years.