Underground substation SF6 Gas system

RF-UGSS Underground Substation SF6 Gas system

The RF-UGSS is a comprehensive solution consisting of a SF6 gas leakage system, an energy module, a separation module, and a storage module.

Gas leakage monitoring system for underground confined space 7*24 hours of SF6 gas leakage monitoring.
Our gas leakage monitoring system ensures round-the-clock vigilance within underground confined spaces, continuously monitoring SF6 gas levels. Should any SF6 gas leakage be detected, the RF-UGSS system seamlessly activates its energy and separation modules. It efficiently collects and segregates the leaked SF6 gas and air, directing them to the dedicated storage module. The RF-UGSS operates autonomously, eliminating the need for manual intervention, and has proven to be a reliable choice for numerous underground substations..

  • Automated Early Warning System
  • Fully Autonomous Operation
  • Rapid Gas Collection
  • Effective Separation of Air and SF6 Gas
RF-UGS Underground-substation-SF6-Gas-system
RF-UGS Underground-substation-SF6 system