Underground substation SF6 Gas system

RF-UGSS Underground Substation SF6 Gas system

The UGSS comprises Gas leakage system, energy module, separation module and storage module.

Gas leakage monitoring system for underground confined space 7*24 hours of SF6 gas leakage monitoring.
When the SF6 leak monitoring system detects SF6 gas leak, The UGSS automatically starts with the energy and separation modules.The leaked sf6 and air are all collected and separated to storage moduleThe UGSS operates fully and automatically without manual intervention and has been successfully applied in many underground substations.

  • Automatic early warning Automatic operation
  • Distributed collection mode. Gas collection speed is fast
  • Realize the separation of air and sf6 gas
RF-UGS Underground-substation-SF6-Gas-system
RF-UGS Underground-substation-SF6 system