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RF300N SF6 Service Cart


RF300N SF6 Service Cart

All in one Service Cart SF6 recycling & analzyer & re-use all in one service cart

During the use of high-voltage equipment, various parameters of sulfur hexafluoride insulating gas will change according to the use time and the environment.
Under the action of high-power arc, spark discharge, and corona discharge, The SF6 gas can decompose a variety of products. Besides, a small number of impurities such as air, moisture, and mineral oil may be mixed during the gas filling process. With or may produce certain toxic substances.
Our company’s All in one service cart service car includes SF6 leakage monitoring (real-time monitoring of any leakage during the filling process), SF6 comprehensive analyzer (for SF6 gas purity, humidity, and several decomposition Product measurement), vacuum pumping equipment (evacuating the air inside the equipment after contacting the air), heating and weighing refilling equipment (for the equipment to flush the cylinders of fresh gas), and a SF6 recovery and purification device (may Achieve recycling and reuse of SF6 gas, filter back to the high-pressure equipment after purification and purification) a complete set of gas processing equipment, after arriving at the site, one-stop processing of SF6 gas to qualified to meet IEC standards.

Refilling the SF6 gas back to the device for reuse. Economical, environmentally friendly and reliable.​

The advantages of service cart:

  • Minimization of waste disposal costs
  • Lower costs for new 99.999% SF6 gas
  • Less expenses for transportation
  • Reduced storage costs

The purity degree of the prepared SF6 gas fully complies with IEC 60480 directive for used SF6 gas. The values achieved as to

  • Humidity
  • SF6 volume
  • Decomposition products (SO2)

are far below the reference values of IEC 60480 directive and are even lower than the values stipulated by IEC 60376 (regulation for new SF6 gas) and Chinese regulation GB/T 12022/2006 (Chinese standard for new SF6 gas).

You will find an overview of the IEC specifications for SF6 gas here.

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