RFA Modular SF6 Handling Cart

RFA Modular SF6 Handling Cart

SF6 handling for small gas compartments

RFA Modular SF6 Handling Cart consists of 2-6 modules, which can be matched arbitrarily.

The RFA is designed for gas recovery and treatment of small gas chambers. It is equipped with small and high-speed gas recovery compressors as standard, and can realize two parallel operation to improve recovery rate. The high-efficiency vacuum compressor can achieve negative pressure recovery to 100pa. Unique refrigeration module, improve working speed and increase processing capacity of sulfur hexafluoride gas .

Technical parameters:
Recovey speed 4m3/h (1 module.Expandable to 2 modules 8m3/h)
Vaccum compressor 7.2m3/h
Cooling system
Vaccum pump   17m3/h
RFA Modular SF6 Handling
RFA Modular mini SF6 Handling
Other features:
  • Combined structure.Modules can be used independently
  • Quick-plug Self-closing couplings
  • Standard configuration 5m connecting pipe

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