RF391 Mega SF6 Handling

RF391 Mega SF6 Handling

For 80-400KG SF6 Gas Recovery and Filter


RF391 is a highly efficient equipment designed for a large amount of SF6 gas compartment

Equipped with high-power oil-free gas compressor and vacuum compressor, the gas recovery of compartment less than 100Pa can be completed in a short time

Standard 64m3/h vacuum pump, optional Roots pump. More efficient completion of chamber vacuuming after chamber repair.

Patented cooling system and filling system can fill a 40L cylinder in 5mins

Improved the maintenance speed of sulfur hexafluoride gas equipment,

RF391 Mega SF6 sf6 gas reclaimer
RF391 Mega SF6 sf6 reclaimer

Other features:

  • Touch operation and manual operation optional
  • Self-closing couplings
  • Standard configuration 10m connecting pipe