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RF391 Mega Series SF6 Gas Recycling Unit

Mega Series SF6 Gas Recycling Unit

RF391 Mega Series SF6 Gas Recycling Unit

Maintenance device for large and extra large gas compartments

RF391 is a large-scale SF6 gas treatment equipment. It has all the functions of sf6 from recovery-filtration-Refilling, higher efficiency recovery and processing rate, and can be expanded to 300-600L built-in storage tanks to meet large and ultra-large Handling of sf6 in insulation equipment is required.

Other features:
  • Devices for liquid storage of SF6 gas
  • SF6 gas recovery down to < 1 mbar
  • Built-in liquid filling machine, filling 70L cylinders only takes 5min.
  • Automatic control and high quality capacitive 10″ multi-touch screen
  • Digital weighing scales for SF6 Tank
  • 300-600L Tank optional
  • The service carts can be mounted on a trailer
  • Optional remote control via mobile devices
Dimensions L 930 mm, W 730 mm, H 1870 mm
Weight approx. 1000 kg
Standard equipment
Oil-free compressor rate 15 m³/h
Oil-free suction pump 7.5 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.5 mbar=50Pa
Vacuum pump for evacuation 17 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.1 mbar=10Pa
64 m³/h, final vacuum < 0.1 mbar=10Pa optional
Refrigeration unit with closed cooling circuit
12.1“ touch-screen panel / Mechanical manual operation optional
Dry absorption filter
Dust floccus filter
Storage tank Max 70L
Storage tank digital weighing scales.
10 m long DN20 self-sealing recovery connecting hose
Inside Tool box optional
Fixing and steerable rollers
Paint: orange
2 operating manuals in Chinese and English.
Operating voltage 380 – 440 V / 50 Hz
208 – 240 V / 60 Hz optional
380 – 480 V / 60 Hz optional

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